Projek Majudiri for a Better Future


“Previously, I was struggling to keep my muruku business afloat and feeding my family of three. I only had business during Deepavali.

When I joined Projek Majudiri I learnt how to overcome obstacles in my small business. I also learnt how to expand my business and think outside the box.

I am much happier now that I can market my products even during off-peak season, and I’ve even begun selling to outstation and overseas customers.”

Puspavalli Narayansamy
Single mother and maker of muruku & Indian sweetmeats

Projek Majudiri is a pilot programme with the aim of improving quality of life for small entrepreneurs and people from low income groups by enhancing soft skills and business acumen.

First comes a two-day intensive training programme within a small group, followed by a one-month mentoring session to equip participants with the knowledge essential to the growth of their small businesses.

Participants are taught useful skills such as communications, marketing, identifying target markets and basic financial management. They will be closely monitored during the mentoring period to help get them on track.

Since its introduction in May 2012, Projek Majudiri has changed the lives of many smalltime entrepreneurs. Not only have they managed to free themselves and their families from poverty, some have gone on to create job opportunities for others, following the success of their business.